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Humidification Units

Storage conditions of the stored products need to be adjusted to suit the temperature and humidity values ​​without losing freshness throughout the storage period due to storage conditions. Controlling the humidity in cold weather tanks is more difficult than controlling the temperature. The humidity level in the room differs according to the room temperature, the area in which it is stored and the type of product stored.

Especially for products with high water content, controlling the noodles is more important. For this reason, humidifiers must be used in order to be able to control the noodles in the cold storage.

Humidifiers are fully automatic. You will be able to determine the amount of moisture you want with the help of the control panel. The humidifier atomizes the water and spray it into the room with the aid of a fan in the form of mist. It consists entirely of hygienic material, it prevents the formation of bacteria by releasing the remaining water in the storage after the humidification. Humidifiers are used extensively in cold storage, mushroom breeding, insemination chambers and greenhouses.

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