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Sectional Doors

Sectional door is an automatic door system which is used for large areas, providing quick access, having heat and dust isolation, and can be a window for surveillance and lighting purposes. Improvements;

  • It gathers vertically upwards, thus giving more space to the interior.
  • Provides excellent sound and thermal insulation.
  • It’s simple to use and easy to use.
  • It can be installed in any kind of building entrance. There are standard, guillotine (vertical), high and low tilt (door assembly type of base collection) options.
  • It is quite aesthetic in terms of external appearance.

    Saving energy The end of thermographic investigations: Building gaps for energy saving are a very critical factor. It is possible to reduce the energy loss to a minimum with good planning and appropriate equipment for the structure. Safety Job security is at the top. Accident and health hazards and damage to property, vehicles and building equipment must be avoided. Appropriate conditions must be created for business personnel or foreign personnel working in partnership with the loading station in particular. Wear marks from durable Long-life use are noticed in the loading station in a short time: Rapid wear, dent damage and planning errors can lead to costly repairs as soon as possible. Future-oriented planning and quality materials and appropriate protection equipment protect your investment. Special solutions are needed because of increased energy saving, safety and long life claims. We offer application-oriented consulting services to give you the best system for quality, functionality, reliability and economy.

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