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Cold Room Panels

Cold storage panels are produced in different sizes up to 1110 mm width and 20.000 mm length. Panel production takes place on fully automatic “line”. Pliers are poured under the computer control evenly throughout the metal surface. With 100% full cross section and homogeneous insulation, long life panels with high durability are produced. Cold storage panels that can be produced with desired dimensions have LOCK mechanism.

Panels with thicknesses of 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180 and 200 mm are produced according to the requirement. Wall and ceiling panels used in cold storage have the same characteristics. PLYWOOD, CR-NI, PVC top coating is applied depending on the floor panel required in the cold air stores. Cold storage panels are highly insulated and provide energy savings. The technical features of hygienic and long-life cold storage panels are as follows:

Thickness of hair Both surfaces 0.50 mm
Surface coating GALVANIZED, POLYESTER, PVC, CRNY, PVDF options available.
Heat transmission coefficient according to DIN 52612-1 ג m = 0.022 W / mK
Class B1-B2-B3 according to DIN 4102 polyurethane fire class.
Pressure resistance 1,20 kg / cm² with wall panel
2000 kg / cm² spread load carrying capacity with floor panel
The free foam density is 40 kg / m³ (± 2)
Acoustic insulation 25 dB at all panel thicknesses
Fire resistance EN13501-1 Euroclass Class B

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